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New Gear

We have just purchased a new Sony PXW FS7 package. This is a perfect run-and-fun camera which is great for Mark. It's also excellent for hand-held. It has 14 Fstops, it's easy to color correct and possesses the same sensor as the Sony F5 camera. Mark is looking forward to getting some great footage for our customers in the next few months...stay tuned.

Also bought a Panasonic Varicam AJ-2700 3 chip camera with minimal hours that shoots beautiful imagery. For details on both cameras, check out our gear list.

Bought a Canon 70D camera which works great for time-lapse footage. We used it on a tradeshow timelapse for Athena Video's customer General Electric Co. Let us know if you want to see a sample.

VC recently beefed up our new Canon 5D Mark III with a cool new beefy follow focus and more. Mark has had a goal of doing this for quite awhile, and now he's extremely pleased with the results.

Recently purchased a Socanoland LED light. (Socanoland NOVA 100-CD Daylight 12x12 LED). Works great.

Just bought a Canon 5D Mark III camera. New image processor makes it better at photographing in low-light situations and gives it speed and power. It also has a 22.3 megapixel full frame CMOS Sensor. A new firmware update provides uncompressed HDMI output. It now supports 1080/30p and 720/60P and continuous recording times up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds.

We now own an 8'x8' green screen with a Hollywood frame. Mark selected this frame because of its high quality.

Visual Concepts now owns an ATEM 1 ME Prodswitch/Broadpanel Switcher. This switcher is great for live production. Multi view allows 10 channels of video to be displayed on a single SDI or HDMI television or monitor. Mark likes it because it has low latency with full digital throughput and 3 auxilliary outputs.

Bigscreen TV rentals-We now own a number of big screen TVs which are great for confidence monitors during live events or for group viewing. We own 2 47" HDTVs, and 2 32"LCD HDTVs. This is in addition to our 3 Pioneer HD Plasma TVs (2 50" and 1 42"). All are available for rental.

Visual Concepts also acquired a Atomos Samurai recorder and a KiPro digital recorder. These are excellent tools for direct to digital field production in ProRes422. They are tapeless recording devices that records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files onto computer-friendly Storage Module media. Because it features SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, and analog inputs, you can interface with virtually any type of camera for your next production. It's perfect for long-form recording at corporate meetings.

Broadcast & Behind the Scenes, Etc.

11.14 Mark did camera for Waldorf Crawford in Los Angeles.

10.14 Mark did camera and supplied production package for a political spot for KQED.

10.14 Mark shot interstitials of Hollywood producer Jason Blum for U.S. Productions.

8.14 Once again, Mark enjoyed the action at Crankworkx 2014 as he acted as camera operator and technical director.

7.14 Mark shot an interview of Sci-fi expert David Brin for Steve Rotfeld Productions. Later in the year, we returned to shoot an interstitial of David for U.S. Productions.

Fuzzbuster Films again turned to, LLC to provide multiple crews and cameras for Comicon taping for FoxTV San Diego during Comicon 2014.

12.13 Mark did camera for ProFlowers' Valentines Day Campaign.

10.13 We edited some real estate spots for Pacific States Land Co.

7.13 – VC crews taped location interviews around San Diego County for Dragonfly Productions in London for Car vs. Wild, a broadcast TV show airing on Discovery Channel in New Zealand and Australia.

Fuzzbuster Films turned to our company to provide multiple crews and cameras for Comicon taping for FoxTV San Diego during Comicon 2013.

Mark went to Munich, Germany and shot the Hare Scramble for Boom Box Group, which appeared on NBC Sports. Approximately 1,500 of the world’s best enduro motocross riders navigated some of the roughest terrain on Erzberg Mountain in Austria, hoping to defeat the natural elements and finish the course – only about 100 competitors finished.

A true mental and physical test of strength and stamina, the Red Bull Hare Scramble followed the motocross racers as they pushed the limits through unforgiving conditions. According to Mark, there was a lot of mud and rain and it was quite a battle vs. the elements.

Mark headed up to ESPN SummerX. He covered numerous events including MotoX. He has been providing live event camera coverage at Summer X Games since 1996! He's witnesses the birth and growth of the action sport industry!

6.13 – VC did a pick up shoot for Mantooth Productions that involved a shooting Scott Peters in a shoot for the Port of San Diego.

5.13 – Mark and Scott did a behind the scenes shoot for Cave Creek Entertainment, which involved interviews and an edit of a behind the scenes video of "Kiss of the Damned". Footage looked amazing and the French actresses were quite beautiful.

The pair also enjoyed a gig for a Brand USA, with a group of travel agents, shot for The Horvath Group. They follow the group of agents up the California Coast and documented their fast-paced journey, from Santa Monica to San Francisco.

12.12 – Boombox Group sent Mark to Hawaii to work on promotional spots for Lululemon.

11.12 – Mark and Scott headed to Indiana to do another profile for Dew Tour on skier Nick Goepper. Here's a link to the finished piece.

10.12 – Mark had the opportunity to serve as DP/camera on a feature for the NBC's Dew Tour on Dennis Enarson, a local (La Mesa, CA) BMX rider who broke his femur and then after a painful recovery, returned to riding. Take a look! xxxIt was shot on the Canon 5D and 7D with prime cine lenses. Shoot was for Boombox Group/Canada. A very cool spot indeed.

VC team shot footage for a National Geographic documentaries on Sharks and Horseshoe Crabs at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for Sky Vision Broadcasting/England.

Mark served as DP on an episode of The Haunting of... featuring Regis Philbin at The Whaley House in Old Town.

9.12 – Mark got an opportunity to do some shooting in San Diego on a National Geographic documentary called Turf Wars over a weekend working with a South African producer.

7.12 – Our 5 crews had a blast working for Fuzzbuster Films at Comicon. Footage of panels and interviews over the 4 day period appeared on Fox Broadcasting website.

6.12 – Our team handled casting for 4 extras for a shoot for Working Pictures that featured Olympic soccer star Abby Wambach.

1.12 – VC shot the Red Bull New Year's No Limits event on the San Diego Bay for Boombox Group. It was a cold and foggy night for a jump on the Bay.

7.11 – VC worked with Fuzzbuster Films on shooting and gear at Comicon for a broadcast TV customer.

Mark and crew shot openings for the Wild About Animal Programs featuring Mariette Hartley.

6.11 – Mark shot Restaurant Impossible at The Trails Restaurant in San Carlos, where the crew transformed the small eatery, giving it a fresh new look and honing the menu to maximize profitability.

3.11 – Visual Concepts shot an interview with Tony Hawk for Athena Video which was featured on Nick News.

12.10 – Mark shot media footage of the Ford Explorer at a shoot in San Diego which will be featured on a television show which feature automotive test drive and reviews in the Middle East.

Summer 2010 – Mark got a few laughs and a few golf tips as he videotaped Hank Haney and comedian Ray Romano on the golfcourse in San Diego's North County for the Hank Haney Project.

VC videotaped Mariette Hartley doing show opens for Wild About Animals in Los Angeles.

Mark operated camera for Summer X Games in Los Angeles at the Skateboard venue at Staples Center. .

Summer 2010 – Mark served as camera operator for Mor Furniture commercials for

Spring 2010 – VC shot a number of interviews for a program called Whaddyado including an interview with a robbery victim in Los Angeles and a traffic consultant in San Diego.

Fall 09 – Spring 10 Mark handled audio and provided his HPX500 camera for a ESPN Friday Night Fights shot at Pechanga Casino and in Glendale.

9.09 – Visual Concepts shot an interview of Iraq War veteran and burn victim Joey Paulk for Ivanhoe Broadcast News who distributed health programming to news stations nationwide.

8.09 – Mark served as director of photography on a shoot for cable TV show Moment of Luxury shot in Orange County.

Mark provided camera operator event services at ESPN Summer XGames.

Visual Concepts continued to shoot spots for JibOp for JibOp customer Mor Furniture.

7.09 – VC crewed and shot a series of broadcast TV segments with Mariette Hartley for Wild About Animals, an children's broadcast TV program about animals, in Los Angeles.

6.09 – Mark directed a host shoot for John Abdo for client DV Creations. He also served as Director of Photography for a program for the Ab Circle Pro for DV Creations.

Script to Screen also turned to Mark operating camera for another infomercial shoot for a vacuum product.

VC directed photography and supplied a video crew for a shoot for Respond 2 Communications. The video crew taped infomercial roll-ins for a make-up line with new subjects obtained in a retail setting at San Diego's Fashion Valley. The look was soft and flattering.

5.09 – Mark provided camera operator services for an infomercial for a cooking product. Mark handled audio for DBH Productions on a shoot featuring interviews with top US track and field athletes which appeared on ESPN.

Mark provided camera operator services for an infomercial for a cooking product.

3.09 – VC shot infomercial roll-ins for the Shark vacuum for Robert Celecia Associates.

1.09 – Mark spent New Year's Eve in Vegas shooting Robbie Maddison's amazing jump over the replica of the Arc de Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas for Red Bull New Year No Limits Event. Our client was Boom Box Group Canada. The video appeared on ESPN live on New Year's Eve.

Visual Concepts' team shot b-roll and testimonials for an upcoming infomercial for a major informercial producer.

9.08 – Dave and Mark shot b-roll for Nash Entertainment's "Most Daring" on a walkway collapse near San Diego's Horton Plaza.

8.08 – VC edited a Memorial Day spot for client Advanced Floor Covering.

7.08 – VC shot footage at ComiCon for The Face is Familar for Prometheus Pictures.

6.08 – Mark shot Wednesday Night Fights that appeared on ESPN 2 for DBH Productions.

5.08 – Mark was thrilled to work as a Director of Photography on a project using the Red One digital cinema camera.  He shot for Athena Video Productions at the end of May. The shoots included San Diego and Los Angeles locations and featured LaDainian Tomlinson. He utilized high speed prime lenses and footage was captured in a 4K raw format. The footage has received rave reviews from all involved.

4.08 – VC shot a series of video interviews and broll for The History Channel for a documentary on the brain in HD on the Sony F900 for Darlow Smithson/IMG.

2.08 – Mark shot footage for a tailgate spoof video featured on for Red Dog Digital. The Hee-Haw style spot featured dozens of props from propmasters who seemed to have plenty of time and props on their hands during the Hollywood writer’s strike.

1.08 – VC shot footage of former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for One Potato Productions in a gag tied in with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Footage appeared on CNBC website within 24 hours of being shot.


11.14 Mark and crew shot behind the scenes footage for Zimmer Corp.

11.14 Mark and Scott recorded a live webcast for 12MilesOut at Volcano Corporation.

10.14 Mark provided an ENG crew for a shoot at Siemens in Los Angeles for iCommunication Inc.

5.14 Mark shot a webcast at Prometheus Laboratories Inc. for 12MilesOut.

12.13 – Mark Nelson videotaped employee profiles for Zimmer, Inc. in San Diego.

10.13 Our crew shot a corporate video for a biomedical Fortune 500 company for 12 Miles Out.

7.13 – VC handled a live video webcast for Tron Communications and also videotaped executive interviews for Tron Communications.

We also shot a medical interview for The Lynx Group in Aliso Viejo.

2.13 – Mark and crew shot a non-profit video for NeighborhoodWorks profiling interns who worked in affordable housing. Here's a link to the final video. Producer Tina Hoffmann of O'Keefe Communications was psyched with the results.

4.13 – VC did a number of shoots for Wirestone. These DSLR shoots all bring new HP technology to life through special moments. The series of web videos helps describe how new HP technologies work in a very human way. and

PGA Creative hired to record testimonial interviews for human resources consulting client Towers Watson.

3.13 –Mary Kay Inc. hired Mark to shoot its Global Makeover Day in Los Angeles.

Mark and crew also went to Dallas where they covered the Activision Call of Duty esports gaming competition for Boom Box Group.

12.12–Visual Concepts shot corporate promotional footage for Sansay Corp.

8.12 – We edited together a couple of sales videos for CareVision Inc. to use in their annual sales meeting, including Bonanza and Gilligan's Island-themed pieces.

2.12 – VC shot and edited a management presentation for HD Supply. We tied into a superheroes theme and customer gave it strong reviews.

2.12 – VC shoot a demo of a satellite truck on location at Via Sat for television executives. In addition, we produced a corporate management meeting video for HD Supply that got rave reviews.

1-12 – Mark headed to Marco Island Florida to shoot a live corporate event for VirtualFactory for a pharmaceutical client.

8-11 – Mark served as camera operator on a shoot for Cobra Golf for client Jeremy Sykes Film & Television.

Mark served as director of photography on a shoot for Launch Port. for a promotional video.

7-11 – Visual Concepts sent a solid crew out to do corporate interviews at a non-profit event for Tron Communications.

6-11 – Visual Concepts shot HD Supply's annual Maintenance Mania competition in Los Vegas. Check out the promo we put together on the event for 2012 in Boston. This event has been growing steadily and we have handled much of the West Coast production and editing for a number of years.

5.11 – Mark acted as Video Director on a live webcast featuring Gene Simmons and the rock band KISS in Los Angeles for Boombox Group (Canada). The program was promoting translation software. VC crew also did a shoot for iCommunication LLC at Siemens.

4.11 – Visual Concepts sourced some awesome stock action sports footage from various athletes and video producers and edited together a hip sequence for a Mires+Ball customer featuring footage shot on the GoPro camera.

3.30 Mark videotaped an interview of an executive Apple Computer for Best Buy at the Apple Computer Headquarters.

3.11 – Mark shot footage for Mirror Mirror Productions for a safety awareness video shot at UCSD.

11.10 – Mark and crew shot corporate footage for Mountain View Group for a major U.S. corporation about clean energy.

Mark shot promotional video for Ford Motor Company of the Ford Focus ST for distribution to the media.

Mark went to New York to shoot greenscreen footage for a major pharmaceutical company for VirtualFactory.

Mark shot footage for Mantooth Productions for a major wireless carrier.

10.10 – Mark was sent to Yuma, AZ to shoot mining footage for BTV.

Working for AV Events, VC shot corporate video of new product releases for a major video game developer. It was rapidly edited and posted to the web.

Mark traveled to the Midwest to shoot greenscreen footage of a weight loss product for an infomercial company.

9.10 – Mark shot time-lapse footage on our Canon 5D camera for Athena Video which was featured in the live event Qualcomm's 25th birthday celebration.

Mark shot golf footage of truckers working for major golf company who help move the traveling roadshow PGA tour across the country for client Scratch Media.

Mark setup and shot time-lapse footage for Athena Video for a major San Diego telecommunications customer.

7.10 – Visual Concepts shot construction footage for Mirror Mirror Digital Media at UCSD.

6.10 – Visual Concepts shot boxing footage of two Terminix sales reps for Stone Ward. High production values included a smoke machine and jib and dramatic lighting.

Mark and crew also shot gardening demonstrations for Competitive Edge at Evergreen Nursery.

5.10 – Mark shot a green screen shoot for Hawthorne Direct in Los Angeles.

3.10 – VC scripted, produced and edited a marketing video for the hospitality division of HD Supply promoting their services. The program will be used at tradeshows.

Visual Concepts provided camera operator services a live webcast of a townhall meeting for Novartis in San Francisco for Audio Visual Events.

1.10 – VC camera team shot trade show roll ins fora Mary Kay conference in San Diego on a multi-day shoot at various scenic locations within San Diego County.

12.09 – Mark and crew shot an interview with a legal expert in Symphony Towers for Martin Bastian and his customer Thomson Reuters.

11.09 – Mark did a tour of top golf courses around Los Angeles and Palm Springs, doing camerawork for interviews with golf pros discussing Taylor Made Irons at these attractive locations for Scratch Media.

10.09 – Mark shot a promotional video on a military housing development showcasing its features for Lincoln Military Housing.

9.09 – VC did scripting and edited a promotional video for Maintenance Mania. The promo video is presented by the National Apartment Association and HD Supply.

Mark did camerawork with Visual Concepts' Panasonic HPX 500 P2 camera for client Randall Hoy for a shoot at a hockey rink in Los Angeles. Randall's client was Easton.

8.09 – VC handled crewing and gear rentals for a shoot for Longfellow Productions, LLC for Coca Cola. The shoot profiled the new soft drink dispensers soon to be rolled out across the country.

VC coordinated a multi-camera live switch for Audio Visual Event's client Thomson-Reuters. Presentation and discussions were streamed live to the Internet.

7.09 – Mark also directed a multi-camera shoot for Athena Video at Qualcomm, celebrating Qualcomm CEO Irwin Jacobs.

VC also provided lighting and video production services for Audio Visual Event for a shoot for Thomson Reuters in L.A. It was streamed live to the Internet.

VC taped and edited a web video for the Global Light Business Center

Mark shot corporate interviews for Athena Video at Sony.

VC also shot interviews at Transworld for client Great Scott Films, NY.

Solomon Group in Texas turned to Visual Concepts to tape a series of video interviews with Coast Guard officers that included shots of helicopters in San Diego and boats in Orange County.

6.09 – Visual Concepts did HD post on a project for Diseno Communications featuring cool text animation and editing an animation sequence that is currently featured on 60" plasma screens at the San Diego Airport.

Visual Concepts shot interviews with top corporate CFOs from around the country at an accounting tradeshow for Athena Video.

Clark Realty Capital hired Visual Concepts to tape employee interviews which will be featured on its company website.

3.09 – VC videotaped executives from Best Buy in Orange County. The program was shot with two HDX900 packages and featured an elaborate lighting setup including "threaten arms" to suspend lighting gear.

Mark documented corporate software users group for Bob Sloan Productions.

VC provided post production on a Video News Release for Sapphire Energy for Solana Video Productions.

2.09 – Integrated Event Management, FL, hired Visual Concepts to videotape a speech by motivational speaker Bonnie St. John, who has overcome all sorts of hurdles in her life and she inspired our crew.

Bonnie was the first African-American to win Olympic medals in ski racing, winning a silver and two bronze medals in the 1984 Paralympics in Innsbruck, Austria; she graduated with honors from Harvard University and won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford; she was appointed to the White House National Economic Council; she has been featured in major national media and she's from San Diego!

1.09 – Our company shot footage and edited a series of videos for George P. Shenas, Inc. which features a number of financial experts discussing content about mergers and acquistions law.

11.08 – Visual Concepts shots video and edited device demonstration videos for major a San Diego pharmaceutical company.

VC videotaped corporate marketing video interview for Crossfire Productions.

10.08 – Mark shoots live corporate event for virtualFactory in San Francisco.

8.08 – VC provides audio-visual services for National University President's Address.

7.08 – VC edited HD spot for Diseno Communications for ESET to customize animation for new product packaging and repurpose/rework spot for display within airport terminals.

11.08 – We shot training footage for New Zealand based ECast Ltd on food handling, produce, and logistics for the agriculture industry.

10.08 – HD Supply turned to us to edit and produce a promotional video for their Maintenance Mania competition. We cut together the footage they supplied into a memorable, lively program. Dave added motion graphics, music, and plenty of action to appeal to maintenance pros across the country. So far, it's getting plenty of attention on UTube. Take a look for yourself:

Hi-Fly'n Productions turned to VC to tape footage of beach locations to integrate within hypnosis videos that they have produced.

6.08 – VC edited the National University graduation ceremonies.

3.08 – Visual Concepts provided production services and casting for Working Pictures of New York on a shoot for a health insurance company featuring Olympic soccer player Abby Wambach. VC cast about 8 kids ages 5-12 who participated in the production of a :30 public service announcement and a number of web videos. The project was shot at the Home Depot Center in Carson.

3.08 – Visual Concepts provided production services and casting for Working Pictures of New York on a shoot for a health insurance company featuring Olympic soccer player Abby Wambach. VC cast about 8 kids ages 5-12 who participated in the production of a :30 public service announcement and a number of web videos. The project was shot at the Home Depot Center in Carson.

Mark shot interviews with corporate software executives for 4D Interactive.

VC shot tradeshow footage for fitness product Star Trac at the San Diego Convention Center.

VC handled lighting and sound and Panasonic SDX-900 camera on a shoot for Kaiser Permanente for the company’s community service awards. Shooting included interviews and broll.

2.08 – VC cleaned up keys on green screen footage for Absolute Definition within Adobe After Effects.

Visual Concepts shot a beer industry executive for Heineken speaking at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego for Everett Studios in New York.

VC operated a Sony Varicam in a shoot for Scratch Media for Adidas Golf.

1.08 – Working Pictures of New York turned to Visual Concepts to direct a 3 camera shoot, recorded ballroom, corporate theatre and break out rooms in a conference in Huntington Beach.

Mark shot for JibOp at Moose Clothing in Orange County, a company known for its ATV Gear.

Special/Live Events

10.14 – brought in a crew for a corporate multi-day meeting for Lamb Productions.

5.13 – covered The Classy Awards for customer Rescue Global. StayClassy's fourth annual philanthropic awards show honored nonprofit organizations, socially conscious businesses and individuals.

1.14 – Mark served as technical director for Sony Corporation in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronic Show, working for client Athena Video Productions. He also served in the same role at the Sony Townhall meeting in December.

10.13 –Mark traveled to Korea to shoot interview and action footage of video gamers for RedBull (for customer Boombox Group). Mark enjoyed pizza with an Asian twist (unique side dishes), and struggled to fit his legs under him as he sat on the floor in some of the Korean restaurants catered to folks of a smaller build. He was amazed by the ever-present technology (think large phones that everyone seems to have). And he couldn't believe how many huge monitors there were in public spaces.

Mark served as technical director on a townhall meeting for Sony for client Athena Video.

7.13 VC shot live webcast for EA Sports for AV Events in Silicon Valley. We also provided an ENG crew to videotape a panel discussion for TM Advertising for their client Discovery Financial.

6.13 – VC shot Tough Mudder in Oregon. This tough-edged fitness competition involves running, jumping in ice water, climbing through tunnels with shock treatments and military-style obstacle courses. Take a look for yourself. Earlier in the year, we shot the Southern California event. crew had a blast shooting the Maintenance Mania event at the San Diego Convention Center. This maintenance competition, which pairs maintenance workers who work in for property management companies and apartment complexes, is action-packed and attracted attendees and competitors from around the country. Link will be posted soon. Check out the final video on the NAA website.

5.13 – Mark went to Vegas, and covered a Red Bull breakdancing competition for Live Agape.

12.12 – Crew from Visual Concepts documented a community meeting for the Nuclear Regular Commission for 12MilesOut and received strong reviews on our team's performance.

9.12 – Mark served as Director of Photography on a shoot featuring guitarist Dave Matthews. The shoot also included an interview.

7.12 – Mark covered park, street, vert, and big air venues at XGames for another successful year in Los Angeles.

6.12 – Mark once again worked with Athena Video to do audio-visual for Palomar Pomerado Hospital's Night of Nights for another successful year.

7.11 – Mark headed to Canada and served as technical director and camera operator for the Crankworkz Mountain Biking competition. Check out this year's event...Mark'll be there in the tent or on the hill.

We helped stage a live web event for Scratch Media for a large golf company.

6.11 – Mark and team handled live event projection and audio-visual for the Adidas/Ashworth Sales Meeting for client Scratch Media.

6.11 –VC worked with Athena Video on Palomar Pomerado Hospital's Night of Night of nights fundraising event. Show got excellent reviews and raised beaucoup bucks for PPH..

5.11 VC taped a Walk-a-Thon for Zimmer, Inc. in San Diego on the Canon 5D camera package.

3.11 Visual Concepts shot video which was streamed to the web for AV Events in Los Angeles of a large videogame distribution company and a pharmaceutical company.

2.11 Mark videotaped a play at Moxie Theatre featuring Kandy Kane for Matt Yearsley Lighting Cameraman.

12.10 – Mark shot a latin dance competition in San Diego for DBH Productions which was streamed live to the web.

8.10 – Mark had back to back action sports action with ESPN Summer X Games camerawork at the skateboard venue and then camerawork at Crankworx downhill mountain biking competition in Whistler, Canada.

3.10 – Mark videotaped school kids in Ocean Beach who had raised plenty of money for their school by winning a $1,000 donation from Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market for Scratch Media.

2.10 – Visual Concepts handled event production and video roll-ins for the Mary Kay Leadership Conference 2010. It involved over a week of production and interviews at locations around San Diego.

12.09 – Mark headed up to Los Angeles and shot some pretty crazy good looking footage of the Red Bull Soap Box Races using his Canon 5D Camera. He also handled camerawork for the Red Bull New Year, No Limits Tour event featuring Travis Pastrana's amazing jump across the Long Beach Harbor.

10.09 – Visual Concepts did a Happy Faces video for the National Rabbit Breeders' Assn. trade show at the Del Mar Fair. The video, produced within a 3 day period, showcased the dozens of beautiful rabbits and their proud owners and they competed for Best of Show. The program also featured very cool time lapse footage of the cages and event being setup done on our Canon 5D camera.

8.09 – Mark returned for another stint in Vancouver B.C. at Crankworx, a downhill mountain biking competition at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Anticipated attendance was over 20,000 people.

Mark also returned to the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles to tape the Summer XGames. Highlights included videotaping auto racing footage and an insane park course that featured concrete pools.

We handled photography for the San Diego Unified school district for a campaign to keep kids in school. The shoot featured two San Diego Charger pro football players and lots of kids from the SDUSD.

VC shot footage for the Create Awards for Great Scott Films, NY at Transworld.

7.09 – Visual Concepts action sports camerawork was featured on NBC on the Maloof Money cup on Sunday, July 19. Client was Boombox Group, Canada. The footage was also featured in live web stream from the Orange County Fairgrounds.

Mark videotaped the celebrities at Comicon '09 for Athena Video. Interviews included Denzel Washington and Peter Jackson.

6.09 – Mark Nelson directed audio visual services for Athena Video for the Palomar Pomerado Hospital's Night of Nights fundraiser. The event raised approximately $2 million for the Healthcare System of the Future. The event featured LaDainian Tomlinson and Dan Fouts of the San Diego Chargers.

Mark also provided camerawork for the SushiMasters Professional Competition for Athena. Emcees included Sam the Cooking Guy and Sushi Expert Junichi Fukushima of Food TV Network's "Glutton for Punishment".

Mark provided directorial services for the videotaping of the National University Graduation. In addition, VC edited the National University graduation.

– Mark shot motorcycle racing footage for Jalbert Productions for a freestyle moto competition in San Diego.

2.09 – VC handled AV services for a board of trustees meeting for National University.

– Mark spent the New Year's Eve in Vegas shooting Robbie Maddison's amazing jump over the replica of the Arc de Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas for Red Bull New Year No Limits Event. Our client was Boom Box Group Canada. The video appeared on ESPN live on New Year's Eve. Take a look and be amazed:

7.08 – Mark shot Robbie Renner's historic motorcycle jump at the Red Bull Experiment in Santa Monica for Boom Box Group Canada.

4.08 – Mark manned camera at ESPN’s inaugural MotoX event at the San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium.

3.08 – VC handled audio-visual for a corporate sales training event for HD Supply.

VC handled audio-visual for a town hall-type meeting with 24 Hour Fitness CEO speaking to entire San Diego staff.

1.08 – Mark worked at ESPN's Winter XGames in Aspen, CO as a camera op on the event production crew.


11.13 Visual Concepts shot and edited a medical demonstration video for Armadillo Biomedical on the Dacryocath product.

10.09 – Visual Concepts shot and edited videos demonstrating how to play Maintenance Mania games for HD Supply.

7.09 – Leslie wrote web tutorial scripts for SkinIt for its new Skinit Wallskins product line.

1.09 – VC provided camerawork for Disco Abs for DV Creations on numerous shoots.

10.08 – VC shot footage of fit Mary Murphy of "So You Think You Can Dance" at her home and in studio for the DV Creation's Core Rhythmns product.

1.08 – Visual Concepts utilized its new HPX 500 HD camera on a shoot for DV Creations taping fitness training and programming.

Visual Concepts shot, edited and cast talent for a web-based sales training video for a Fortune 500 international software manufacturer for GA Creative. The video was used for sales training purposes and is featured within a video card game that users play off a server.

08.06 – VC directed and edited a training video for the new Gravity Force Trainer for Body by Jake utilizing our SDX-900 camera.

02.06 – Mark acted as DP for Young Production Group for an automotive training course.

09.05 – Visual Concepts completed production and post on the instructional video for Body by Jake's Hip & Thigh Sculptor. Mark directed live action and photography for the production that was shot using multiple Panasonic SDX900 cameras. VC handled all the post on the project, including editing, DVD design, and DVD authoring and encoding. Consumers receive the instructional video alongside the Hip & Thigh Sculptor product. This is the fourth consecutive year VC has produced an instructional video for Body by Jake.


5.14 Mark shot a medical interview for BTV Canada at Sorrento Therapeutics

7.13– Mark and crew shot orthoscopic surgery for Zimmer Inc. at Thorton Hospital in San Diego.

Our crew also covered testimonials with optometrists for TLC Vision at the San Diego Convention Center.

4.13 – VC crew shot footage of eye surgeon Bruce Becker MD demonstrating his Dachrosynth irrigating lacrimal balloon catheter in Encino, CA.

Gordon Productions hired VC to do electronic news gathering production interview at Kaiser Hospital in Bonita.

3.12 – Mark served as director of photography on a shoot for Lamb Productions featuring interviews with physicians and nurses.

2.12 – VC videotaped a presentation by Dr. Alvin Miller on The History of Neonatology. Dr. Miller has a long career working at Kaiser Permanente.

10.11 – Mark traveled to UC Irvine to shoot a spinal surgery for Mazor Robotics. Most of the surgery was done by a robot!

4-11 – VC shot footage for Synaptic Digital at the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine 2011 Conference at the San Diego Convention Center.

3-11 – VC also handled trade show video production for Hub Media for the American Academy for Dental Research IADR (International Assn. for Dental Research) Convention at the San Diego Convention Center

2-11 – VC production and post crews shot and edited news programming for Zimmer at the AAOS trade show in San Diego.

1-11 – Mark and crew shot a surgical video for Range of Motion Pictures documenting ankle surgery in Sacramento, CA.

9-10 – Mark and crew shot a sales training video for a medical device company for Marshall Lamm PR/Oakland.

5-10 –Visual Concepts crews shot a web video of a CEO Roundtable for TriMedia Media Group for TriMed customer St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Corona Productions turned to VC for a crew to tape continuing medical education video production during the Oncology Nursing Convention in San Diego. Shoot included green screen background and teleprompter.

1.10 – Mark videotaped a documentary about a dialysis patient for Freeman Pictures, Chicago. We just learned that one of the little boys profiled in the program had a successful kidney transplant!

Mark shot an interview with Dr. Price at Scripps Clinic for Ivanhoe Broadcast News on Plavix.

9.09 – VC shot open heart surgery of physicians utilizing a state of the art pacemaker for Rascal Agave Films at Scripps Clinic. In addition, he worked as camera operator for the 2009 Coronary Intervention Conference at Scripps Clinic. We also shot a seminar on upcoming health care legislation at Scripps Clinic.

Mark shot an interview with burn victim Joey Paulk who served in Iraq for Ivanhoe Broadcast News.

10.09 – Mark and crew videotaped a physician roundtable in Montreal, Canada for virtualfactory. Physicians were there for the IDF World Diabetes Congress.

4.09 – Mark shot laparoscopic surgery for Athena Video.

Mark shot interviews for Ivanhoe Broadcast News featuring an ENT physician regarding treatment for dizziness for broadcast and web use.

11.08 – VC shot and edited a series of device demonstration videos for a major biotechnology company in San Diego.

9.08 – VC shot and edited a number of surgical videos for Chasan Cosmetic Surgery including liposuction procedures.

3.08 – Mark taped live heart surgery cases for ScrippsHealth that were transmitted via a live feed to the ACC 08 Scientific Session in Chicago for Medcam Intl. This is one of the largest cardiology conferences of the year in the U.S.

11.07 – Mark provided camera operator and video tech services for MedCam Intl. at Scripps Clinic for a live medical teleconference covering coronary intervention.

11.07 – Mark provided camera operator and video tech services for MedCam Intl. at Scripps Clinic for a live medical teleconference covering coronary intervention.

VC taped cosmetic surgery procedures for Nowak Aesthetics for Vega Marketing.

Mark was camera operator on a infomercial shoot for Barry’s Boot Camp. He was pleased to bring home a large pill shaped exercise ball which has proved to be the family’s most popular kids toy at their home.

9.07 – VC taped and edited web videos for Amylin Pharmaceuticals.

07.07 – VC shot a corporate presentation by the CEO of ALSAC/St. Jude’s Research Hospital, the fundraising arm of St. Jude’s at an auctioneers meeting in San Diego.

03.07– Mark and crew documented a live event, including interviews on health care reform at the Rand Institute in Santa Monica for Producer’s Consortium.

11.06 – VC edited a sales training video for Mark-Costello Co. for its medical waste sterilizer product.

10.06 – Mark and 3 crew members headed up to USC to tape a knee replacement revision surgery for Zimmer. It included 3-camera coverage plus a jib and Kinoflo lighting. It featured HMI lighting and a jib.

06.06 – VC provided a crew of 4 including Mark as DP to shoot footage of a hip replacement for Zimmer in Vancouver, BC. It featured HMI lighting and a jib.

04.06 – Mark directed a live medical teleconference for ProMedica International CME in New York and for the Advanced Cardiac Techniques in Surgery Conference. The project involved managing a team of 5 crew members and coordinating all technical equipment and live production between two sites. The conference combined surgical demonstrations with lectures from international leaders in the field.

01.06 – Mark shot a live medical teleconference in Utah (and then made it to the slopes for snowboarding!).


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